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Sales Team Console

Your sales team will have direct access to vehicle documents and advanced vehicle information through the Sales Team Console wherever they have access to the Internet.

Below is an example of the Sales Team Console. 

This example includes Admin options, which include the ability to change price and delete a vehicle.  These are typically only made available to managers and administrative people.  

The top part is the normal truck ad from the Search Results Page (SRP).  

The buttons below the black line are the available routines.

Below is an example of a Vehicle Quote

It takes only a few minutes to create.  The sales person only needs to select their name, add the client information and add the discounts and add-on charges.  The system will calculate the total. If the invoice or cost price has been entered the system will warn you if the calculated price falls below it.

Below is an example of a Personalized Vehicle Brochure

The brochure can include the sales person’s name, their phone number, and email address. 

Below is an example of a Printable Price List 

It only shows MSRP and can include only a selected truck type.  In the example below it is Dump Trucks.

Below are examples of stickers printable from the Sales Console

You will have access to the window stickers, addendum stickers, and any associated vehicle documents.

Below are 3 search options that will match the vehicle being viewed

While viewing a vehicle with the Sales Console you have the ability to find all vehicles in the inventory that matches its Cab-to-Axle, Truck Type or Body Code.