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Build Your Own Inventory System

Add-On Options

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This inventory is a fully functioning inventory. Designed around work trucks and the work truck market.


This is an analytics reporting tool that tracks the number of users that visits your site. This lets you objectively evaluate the performance of your website.


This represent inventory management reports, which are printable.


This inventory site map highlights the truck types in your inventory, as well as the vehicle makes and models in your current inventory. It is updated daily. It can be included on your website’s home page.


Our inventory can automatically update your Commercial Truck Trader inventory, daily. Each vehicle can be included in up to 3 truck type categories.


Each vehicle can be included in multiple categories.

Vehicle’s Sales Messaqe

The dealer can create a list of features and each vehicle can be associated with one or more of these features. Our extended feature search will show all vehicles associated with a selected feature.


This delays the removal of sold vehicles from your inventory. Sold vehicles will have a “Sold” banner add to the vehicle’s photo. The delay can be from 7 to 365 days.


This option is for dealers that market new passenger vehicles and the work trucks are part of this inventory.  If not needed this package can be reduced by $100/Month


Our Quick Quote is built using the vehicle’s detail page.  The salesperson can add their information, the customer’s information and customize the pricing. 

The quote will include information currently on the  vehicle’s detail page.  This will include vehicle details and an image of the vehicle, if there is one.   It will also include a link to our custom stickers, if there is one for the vehicle. 


This is a one page landing page that becomes the “Home” page for the website. It is customized for the dealership with contact information and dealer logo.

This routine sends a weekly email. This email includes weekly and monthly Google Analytics results. Weekly “Hits” and Truck Type Search Reports.

This routine can create and print Vehicle, Upfit Body, Sleeper, and Addendum Stickers. These can be viewed through your inventory or printed and applied to the vehicle.

Buyers often know the pickup size they are wanting. We offer a search by the pickup’s payload capacity (1/2 , 3/4 & 1 Ton). If your inventory offers a mixed inventory of manufacturer’s, this means the search encompasses all of those pickups no matter the manufacturer or model .

This routine features a duplicate inventory, but for dealer’s only. It offers many marketing options including Vehicle Quotes, Personalized Vehicle Brochure, Printed Price Lists, …

These ads are integrated between vehicle ads on the Search Results Page. These ads typically are used to advertise dealership services or announcements.

This routine lets you add vehicles to your inventory that are not yet in your on-the-ground inventory. This includes inventories that are automatically updated by DMS.

This routine can record information about each vehicle’s sales transaction. This includes transaction date, buyer name, salesperson, and notes.

This routine electronically stores and retrieves vehicle documents. The common documents are invoices for the vehicle and body, but can be any PDF.

This is an inventory of sold vehicles. Any stored vehicle documents will be accessible through this inventory. As will associated sales transaction.

It’s easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Our CRM helps dealers focus on both, increasing overall customer engagement.

This routine lets you quickly look up a buyer and see their past work truck purchases from your dealership. This includes detailed information about each vehicle purchased and any associated documents for that vehicle.

Instantly, you’re prepared for a relevant and informed conversation with the buyer.

This inventory is a copy of the dealer’s inventory.  However, the banner images and contact information is for a salesperson.  Requires one of these 3 packages and adds $100/Month for each Salesperson inventory.

If your dealership group has multiple work truck departments, this is a tremendous tool for your auto group. It provides individual inventories for each department and a combined inventory of those departments. Requires one of these 3 packages for each participating dealership and an addition $199/Month for the combined inventory.

Package Pricing (No long-term commitment required.)