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Work Truck Websites, Inventory Systems and More

Work Truck Stock Inventories are Smaller!
How Can You Take Advantage Of This Fact

Large Work Truck Dealers: Where before you could depend on a large stocking inventory to sell from, now you need to up your marketing game. Small & Medium Work Truck Dealers: It is your opportunity to take advantage of this level playing field. For many of you, it will require that you look like a bigger and more successful work truck dealer.

No matter your size, the game has changed, and you need to change with it.

Having Only A Work Truck Inventory Is No Longer Enough

Many of the dealers have already realized the limitation of having only an inventory. Buyers from different parts of the country, or even different parts of their state, didn’t know them or what they offer. They realized that a work truck website was their answer.

The Value Of A Work Truck Website
  • It conveys success from the buyer’s perspective.  Only the most successful work truck dealers have websites.
  • It conveys information to the buyer about your work truck dealership and its capabilities.
  • It sets you apart from your retail site and your competition.

Manually Adding Inventory

An inventory solely updated by the retail DMS may not reflect your real work truck inventory. Our inventory provides the ability to manual add vehicles and equipment to your inventory.

“Manual Add” Routine

Our “Manual Add” can add vehicles and equipment to your work truck inventory, even if they are not (and maybe never will be) in your DMS. The associated image can highlight information you want known.

Sold Upfits Can Still Add Value To Your Inventory

Even an industry search can return an empty inventory, but our “Sold” routine can be your answer. The vehicles maybe shown as sold, but it shows the buyer that you do stock, and understand, those types of vehicles.

“Sold” Routine

Like most “Sold” routines, our system will let a sold vehicle remain in your inventory, with a sold tag, for a set amount of time.  Unlike other systems, our inventory lets you select how long the vehicle remains in your inventory, as sold.  It can be from 1 day to 360 days.  

Multiple Categories Per Vehicles

Including vehicles, especialy upfit vehicles, in multiple categories mean searhces are more likely to return positive search results. 

How Many Categories Describe the Possible Use of a Dump Truck?

Primary Category: Dump Truck

Secondary Categories: Landscape Truck, Construction Trucks, …

Industry Searches

Industry vehicles search options allows for more types of vehicles to be included and therefore more positive search results.

How Many Vehicle Categories Can Be Included in a “Oil Field Trucks”?  

The categories to include is up to the dealership.  What you include, may not be what another dealership selects to include.  

Expanded Pickup Search Options

Since you will have pickups in stock, expand your pickup search options. Even if the buyer isn’t in the market for a pickup now, they may appreciate the search capabilities you offer.

Capacity Search

This section is an example of capacity-based search. This search finds every pickup in your inventory based on a specific capacity, regardless of the manufacturer or model.

1/2 Ton Pickups
3/4 Ton Pickups
1 Ton Pickups

Towing Capabilities Search

Our inventory can include a search for a specific option, like Gooseneck Hitch Prep, and it can highlight the towing capabilities of a vehicle.

No matter your size,
the game has changed,
and you need to change with it.