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Vehicle Selector Rules

This feature will only load the vehicles you want included in your commercial/fleet inventory.  Where some inventory systems load the entire vehicle inventory and others load by Model, our inventory system gets down to what makes sense for your commercial/fleet inventory.

If you build your commercial/fleet inventory from your retail inventory, this is a great feature for you.

The partial worksheet to the left shows what vehicles one dealer wants loaded into their inventory.  

This worksheet tells us that all Stock Number starting with an “F” need to be loaded into the inventory. 

Below that it shows what other vehicles are to be loaded, no matter if the Stock Number starts with an “F” or not.

For instance, it indicates that all Upfit Trucks, Chassis Cabs and Cutaways are to be included. 

The next sections show the rules for pickup trucks and cargo vans. For these the rules are by model.  For instance this worksheet indicates to load only F-150 that have a Trim Line of either XL or XLT and are either White or Black.  

We have one dealer that includes SUVs only if they have the a Police Interceptor Utility.